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Some awesome teases for Teen Wolf's Season 5 Premiere 'Creatures of the Night'

  There is only 30 days left until MTV’s hit Teen Wolf returns with a two-night premiere. TV Line is already starting to tease what crazy stuff the season premiere titled ‘Creatures of the Night” has in store for fans. Andy Swift of TV Line (x) tweeted these things about the premiere:   From the sounds of […]


Bad Blood Reigns in this Disturbing New Teen Wolf Promo

With one month left MTV is finally promoting Teen Wolf’s intense fifth season, last week we got a trailer now they have released a pretty creepy promo. From needles, tubing, scalpels, blood, the famous black goo, & a familiar face being experimented on this promo is not for the squeamish. The series seems to be […]







Teen Wolf Rumor Mill - Could this character be bi in Season 5?

Teen Wolf has been one of the few shows on TV to create a world that is void of homophobia & treats it’s gay romances as straight ones. We’ve had loads of LGBT characters from Danny, Mason, Ethan, Caitlin, Lorraine Martin & her lover Maddie. To the more subtle ones like Jennifer & Kali. But […]