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"Friends" At Hogwarts Is The Best Thing You'll Watch All Day

Tumblr user Jeremiah Rivera has shown us what it would look like if Harry Potter got the “Friends” style intro, and it’s absolutely amazing!! You guys seriously need to check it out below and enjoy!!! Follow us on Facebook-> Geekly – GayGeeks – WalkingDead – Empire – Scandal – VideoGamez –GayFab–Outlander – TVAddicts – Secrets&Lies Buy an […]


Legend of Korra meets 'Parks and Rec'

I love Legend of Korra. I’ve never seen Parks and Rec which I think will soon bring angry mobs to my house for admitting, but there you have it. My television watching transgressions aside, the brilliant video animator Natalie–aka Halannee–has brought us a video bringing together these two awesome shows. The results are hilarious. Don’t believe me? Check it out […]