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The Walking Dead's Daryl Dixon Explains Why Little Kids Flip Him Off

Although The Walking Dead is a show VERY much for adults, that doesn’t mean that kids still don’t end up watching it, and apparently, Daryl (Norman Reedus) now gets flipped off by said children, and it’s absolutely amazing! Check it out and ENJOY!! Buy Da Vinci’s Stay Puft Man


Danai Gurira Is Statistically The Most Badass Person on The Walking Dead

Yesterday with Conan at San Diego Comic-Con, we got to see who is the ‘most badass’ on The Walking Dead according to statistics and science and stuff, and it’s absolutely the best thing ever, and you need to watch it RIGHT NOW!! Buy Conceal, Don’t Feel




These Alternate Endings to 'Mad Men' Are Better Than The Original

For those of you who are Mad Men fans, (which should be everyone) you know that the series finale ended with Don Draper meditating at the end of it, followed by showing us the iconic “I’d Like to Buy The World a Coke” commercial, hinting that he is the one that created the biggest commercial in […]


Watch Jeremy Renner Explain How "Black Widow's a Slut"

After the Internet exploding due to Jeremy Renner saying that Black Widow is a slut, naturally he gets brought onto the Conan show, where it gets even MORE ridiculous and hilarious. Check out the video below and ENJOY!! Buy Wanna Co-Op Follow us on Facebook-> Geekly  |  GayGeeks  |  Walking Dead  |  VideoGamez  |  GayFab  | […]