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This Sex Calculator is Going to Make You Want to Shower - Forever

So, there’s this thing called the Sex Calculator, and what it does is determine how many people you’ve actually slept with. Now, you’re probably thinking the same thing we did. “Huh?” Well, what it REALLY does is take the number of people you’ve slept with in various age groups, and then by using statistic data […]










Watch These Drag Queens React to Straight Porn

World of Wonder has given us this absolutely incredible video of a bunch of queens from RuPaul’s Drag Race watching straight porn, and it’s every bit as hilarious and amazing as you could possibly imagine, and you NEED to drop everything and watch it RIGHT NOW!! Enjoy!



This Guy Didn't Get The Job Because He's Gay

Two Swedish men conducted a special undercover social experiment, where one of them was openly gay and very much exceeded all the requirements to get the job, and the other was straight and very much not qualified for the job. After the interviewer discovers that he’s gay, the interview suddenly gets cut short, and the […]


Pat Robertson Says Same-Sex Marriage Will Lead to Beastiality And Pedophilia

Television Personality has finally told us all that same-sex marriage being legalized will lead to beastiality, polygamy, and pedophilia, and it’s every bit as ridiculous as you can imagine, and you need to watch it RIGHT now!! Buy Joy Stick