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Recap - Carmilla S2x1: "Brave New World"

The first episode of Carmilla S2 was pretty amazing. Of course, there’s a lot to be said for the dissent in the fandom regarding some rather ableist comments, but that’s a post for another day. (I haven’t forgotten, and I’m sure a few other Creampuffs haven’t.) I love the show, but the way that it […]


Gamer Nerding At It's Sexiest

Gamer hunk Ben Palacios and his web series Wish it Inc. has brought on Team Fortress 2’s Sniper (John Patrick Lowrie) into the cast! The show also features killer A.I. from the Portal franchise (Ellen McLain). He’s raising money on IndieGoGo for a second season. Check is out HERE!


Carmilla Season Two is Almost Here

The Carmilla webseries is set to return to YouTube very shortly, which has Hollstein and LaFerry fans frothing at the mouth with excitement. The cast and crew have sent numerous tweets regarding the Season Two scripts, which have all Creampuffs cautiously excited. If you haven’t seen the series yet, it’s based off of the Carmilla […]


Carmilla Season Two Premieres Spring 2015!

If you’re not watching Carmilla, you should be. The second season of the webseries based off the Le Fanu novel by the same name arrives in Spring, 2015. Given that there’s only 20 days until the ‘official’ start of Spring, I’m hopeful that S2 will premiere on the VerveGirl YouTube channel sooner rather than later. […]