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Watch The First Gameplay Trailer For The Walking Dead Mobile Game

The first official gameplay trailer for the Walking Dead mobile game titled The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land is finally here, and we have to admit that the game looks surprisingly well done, and we’re actually pretty excited about it! Check it out and ENJOY!! Buy The Original Four


The Walking Dead's Daryl Dixon Explains Why Little Kids Flip Him Off

Although The Walking Dead is a show VERY much for adults, that doesn’t mean that kids still don’t end up watching it, and apparently, Daryl (Norman Reedus) now gets flipped off by said children, and it’s absolutely amazing! Check it out and ENJOY!! Buy Da Vinci’s Stay Puft Man



Danai Gurira Is Statistically The Most Badass Person on The Walking Dead

Yesterday with Conan at San Diego Comic-Con, we got to see who is the ‘most badass’ on The Walking Dead according to statistics and science and stuff, and it’s absolutely the best thing ever, and you need to watch it RIGHT NOW!! Buy Conceal, Don’t Feel