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Recap - Steven Universe 2x10: "Rising Tides/Crashing Skies"

Filler episodes are pretty much what everyone hates in a show. We’ve seen precious few of them in Steven Universe thus far, for which I’m thankful. The show with the most uselss filler episodes that I’ve watched in recent memory is, of course, Avatar: The Last Airbender, though at least those had the benefit of […]


Recap - Steven Universe, "Sworn to the Sword"

Last week’s Stevenbomb! has been pretty amazing. I’m a huge fan of Steven Universe, so getting so many episodes all at once has been wonderful. This show never ceases to amaze me in how it handles issues, particularly things for both teens and adults alike. For younger viewers, the lessons Steven Universe imparts are crucial […]


Recap - Steven Universe 2x8: "Reformed"

The most recent episode of Steven Universe was amazing on a number of levels. “Reformed” brings to a close the arc that began with Amethyst-centric episodes “On The Run” and “Maximum Capacity.” I’ve always been a fan of how Amethyst and Steven interact, so this was on my ‘to watch’ list this week. Another interesting […]


Recap - Steven Universe 2x7: "Love Letters"

Steven Universe continues to get better and better, and “Love Letters” was no exception to the rule. I’ve never been underwhelmed by an episode yet, and this was one of the best I’ve seen. It sends an important message to kids, while making the LGBTQ character presence even more obvious this week. Fantastic! If there’s […]


Recap - Steven Universe 2x6: "Shirt Club"

This week’s episode of Steven Universe opens with Steven drawing a picture of Greg. He bolts toward Amethyst, Pearl, and Garnet–excited to show off his newest masterpiece. He informs them that he’s drawn the picture to help advertise that Greg is going to be offering guitar lessons to the citizens of Beach City. The gems […]


Recap - Steven Universe: "Frybo" & "Cat Fingers"

I knew when I set out to marathon Steven Universe that it was going to get weird. I’m all for weird, having come from a series like Adventure Time where weird is the norm. Steven is a show that I’m very much enjoying watching, along with most of the internet that once again has caught […]


Recap - Steven Universe 1x4: "Together Breakfast"

The “Together Breakfast” episode of Steven Universe was one that made me chuckle. I’ve actually made some terrible food combinations like that as a child, and Steven’s waffles, whipped cream, syrup, popcorn, and strawberries seemed to fit into his age bracket. I can’t imagine how popcorn would taste with whipped cream, and I’m not sure […]


Recap - Steven Universe: "Cheeseburger Backpack"

I watched Steven Universe episode three “Cheeseburger Backpack” over the weekend, and am officially hooked on the show. Steven’s relationship with Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl is amazing. I keep waiting for the usual cartoon antics to show up, and they never do. There’s no name-calling, no insults, no ableist statements that I’ve seen yet. There’s […]


Recap: Steven Universe 1x1 "Gem Glow"

I’m firmly convinced that I’m among some of the last people on earth to watch Steven Universe. My entire social media feed exploded when apparently a certain couple became canon, and I figured that it might be time to see what all the hype was about. I had an interesting time watching the first four episodes of […]