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Recap - Once Upon a Time 4x20: "Lily"

TW: Sexual assault mention. ———————————————————— This week’s episode of Once Upon a Time was just as interesting as last week’s, with more twists. For all my fellow SwanQueen fans, it was a SwanQueen road trip full of amazing moments. That being said, we got some serious foreshadowing that Lily is really, really somewhere on the […]





Recap: Once Upon a Time 4x15 - "Enter the Dragon

This week’s Once Upon a Time episode was again, stellar. I have no complaints. Next week, on the other hand–well, we’ll just have to wait and see. “Enter the Dragon” is very tongue-in-cheek after we see Regina’s interactions with Maleficent throughout this episode. I spent a lot of it wondering if the lesbian subtext could get […]




Once Upon a Time: #SaviorQueen's Homophobic Undertones

Everyone’s had a ship that they call a, ‘BroTP’ What that is, is basically a way to say, “These characters are cool/best friends/I like when they interact, but not romantically!” If you’ve never shipped characters, you might consider this to be something that doesn’t warrant attention. The problem with that is that shipping, or participating […]