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Let's Watch that Again - Legend of Korra: "Night of a Thousand Stars"

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Bolin's face is everything in this picture.

Bolin's face is everything in this picture.

“Night of a Thousand Stars” is the book two episode to end all book two episodes. Considering I’m doing this re-watch about 7 months after we got canon Korrasami, it’s even more amusing and wonderful. Yes, everyone, this is the episode where Korra kisses Mako and he tells her they’re definitely still dating while Asami […]


Let's Watch that Again - Legend of Korra 2x9:

In “The Guide” we see Korra finally returning to the Southern Air Temple. She forgives Tenzin for his actions, stating that the things he did were to help her, while Unalaq’s actions were only to help himself. Tezin has been on vacation for a while now, trying to keep his kids entertained. As it turns […]



Let's Watch that Again - Legend of Korra 2x7: "Beginnings: Pt. 1"

After Korra washed up on the beach, Fire Sages carry her inside their temples in an attempt to help her. The Sage’s shaman uses firebending to read Korra’s energy, deciphering that she has been infected with a dark spirit which will surely devour the Avatar spirit if not cleansed. On the shaman’s instruction, Korra is […]



Let's Watch that Again - Legend of Korra 2x6: "The Sting"

This week’s Legend of Korra recap is one of my favorite book two episodes, “The Sting.” AKA, “Laughing forever because Korra and Asami are canon and this was the catalyst for Korrasami shippers everywhere.” If you want to ask yourself how Korra and Asami ended up together, you’ve got to look at where they came […]


Let's Watch that Again - Legend of Korra 2x5: "Peacekeepers"

My re-watch of Legend of Korra continues with this week’s episode. “Peacekeepers.” Overall, this was a decent episode, though it didn’t stand out as one of my favorites. We’re finally back in Republic City, which is a relief. This is also the episode that we meet President Reiko in, and it’s worth noting that he’s […]


Let's Watch that Again - Legend of Korra: "Civil Wars Part 2"

Legend of Korra’s “Civil Wars: Part 2” doesn’t pull any punches. Korra’s family isn’t the only group fighting against one another, as the entire Northern Water Tribe and the Southern Water Tribe are also up in arms. The episode opens with Korra’s parents being carted off in chains, to which she seems rather calm. If […]


Let's Watch that Again - Legend of Korra 2x2: "Civil Wars Part 1"

The second season of Legend of Korra doesn’t waste any time in giving us two-part episodes. “Civil Wars: Part 1” is a great episode. Not only because we get to see more of Senna and Tonraq, with Kya and Bumi helping Tenzin to look for Ikki. This is interesting to note, as it’s not the […]


Let's Watch that Again: Avatar the Last Airbender - "The Warriors of Kyoshi"

“The Warriors of Kyoshi” is basically a perfect AtLA filler episode. There’s not much to advance the plot, here, but it introduces us to Suki, so that makes up for it. Sokka also realizes that his Water Tribe sexism won’t get him very far when he meets the Kyoshi Warriors, too. The moment where Sokka […]


Let's Watch that Again: Legend of Korra Book One Finale - "Endgame"

I can’t say enough good things about the ending of Legend of Korra season one. Re-watching this has been awesome. I’m looking forward to starting season two, but for now–a recap of “Endgame” awaits! This episode starts off with two awesome things going down at exactly the same time. As much as I wish we […]


Let's Watch that Again - Legend of Korra 1x11: "Skeletons in the Closet"

I finished the first half of the 1-hour season finale of Legend Of Korra S1 this week. “Skeletons in the Closet” is pretty creepy on its own, and much more disturbing given its ending. LoK has always dealt with topics that aren’t typical “cartoon” fare. It’s no secret that Korra was aimed at an older […]