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Recap - Once Upon a Time Season 4B Finale 4x22: "Operation Mongoose, Part 2"

As Henry realizes that Regina’s told the truth about Emma being alive, he figures that he’s going to need a ship in order to get to the island Snow has her imprisoned on. This is the part where Hook comes in, and he’s a total pushover in this alternate reality. He’s Blackbeard’s deckhand, and a complete […]


Recap - Once Upon a Time Season 4B Finale 4x21: "Operation Mongoose, Part 1"

This recap will contain full spoilers for the Once Upon a Time season finale “Operation Mongoose.” 4×21. If you haven’t seen it, please avoid this article!   ———– Spoilers Below ———– Where to begin with Operation Mongoose? Well, first of all, it took all of five minutes for Hook to start whining about how awful […]


Hopes for Sunday's OuAT 4B Finale: Heroes, Villains, and Happy Endings

Can villains get a happy ending? The season finale of Once Upon a Time is Sunday night at 8/7 CST and will run for two hours. In the second promotional clip, we see Rumplestiltskin having a heart-to-heart with Isaac about Baelfire. I was wondering when we were going to get to discussing Neal, whom is […]


Carmilla Season Two is Almost Here

The Carmilla webseries is set to return to YouTube very shortly, which has Hollstein and LaFerry fans frothing at the mouth with excitement. The cast and crew have sent numerous tweets regarding the Season Two scripts, which have all Creampuffs cautiously excited. If you haven’t seen the series yet, it’s based off of the Carmilla […]