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Trailer For Next Week's Agents of SHIELD 3x13 'The Team'

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD is one of the best shows on television and it keeps getting darker and more interesting every week.  As we race towards the season finale, we know someone is going to die but first here come the secret warriors… Agent Daisy Johnson must call upon the Secret Warriors for an inaugural […]


Watch Supergirl And Cat Grant Ask Superman For Help Against Myriad

In tonight’s upcoming episode of Supergirl, we’re going to see Kara discover the truth behind her crazy aunt’s secret weapon, Myriad, and it looks like her and Cat Grant are going to be needing Superman’s help! Check out these trailers right now and ENJOY!!     You’re WELCOME!!



Peter Joins Grindr on The New Family Guy Episode, And It's Amazing

In the newest episode of Family Guy, we get to see Peter join Grindr, and it’s just as absolutely hilarious and amazing and you can imagine, and you totally need to check it out right now and ENJOY!! FAMILY GUY | Grinder from “An App a Day”That’s one way to meet like-minded folks, Peter. Posted […]






The First Teaser Trailer For Syfy's 'Hunters' is Here

We all know that Syfy has been on a roll lately with all of their new shows and amping up the quality of everything they do, and their newest upcoming series Hunters is definitely looking like it’s no exception to this new trend, and we’re VERY excited about that. Check out the teaser below and ENJOY!!!







Hillary Clinton Says She's Not Running For Anyone Else's Third Term

We recently got to see Hillary Clinton talk to Stephen Colbert, where not only did she KILL IT at that interview, but she also made it very clear that she’s only running for herself. Not Obama’s third term, not her husband’s, but HERS. It’s seriously fantastic, and you totally need to check it out right […]