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Watch Wolverine, Captain America, And Spider-Man in a Waiting Room Together

Ever wonder just how much awkwardness would happen if Wolverine, Spider-Man, and Captain America were in the same room together? Well, in this hilarious video, you totally can, and you absolutely need to! Check it out and ENJOY!! Buy Eat Sleep Game


Epic Spider-Man Fan Film Was Made in Honor of a Child Lost to Brain Cancer

Brace yourself for the feels, because this absolutely amazing Spider-Man fan film was made in loving memory of a child named Jayden who passed away last year from brain cancer, and his dad wanted to make sure that it was completed, because that’s what Jayden would’ve wanted. Check out the amazing short film and ENJOY!! […]


Tom Holland Officially Cast as Peter Parker in Spider-Man Reboot!!

Well, the decision is finally in. Tom Holland has officially been cast as Peter Parker in the Jon Watts-led Spider-Man reboot, and we’re SUPER EXCITED!!! Even though we’re still a little torn on the him being a child and all, we’re just glad to see that a decision has FINALLY been made!! Oh, and here’s a […]