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Ted Cruz's Dad Thinks That Gays Are Pedophiles

Senator Ted Cruz’s father, Rafael Cruz has essentially just compared LGBT culture to pedophilia, and of course that makes for quite an interesting situation for anyone that ever wants their son to do well politically, when all you’re doing is making a complete ass of yourself, and proving how terrible of a candidate your son is […]


Ellen Page is a Badass, And Also Hates Ted Cruz

We all love and adore the amazing and super badass Ellen Paige, right? Well now have an even better reason to love her, because she totally just confronted Ted Cruz on live television, and she was not accepting any of his shit. You totally need to check it out right now and ENJOY!!




Ted Cruz Compares Gays To Terrorists and ISIS

Ted Cruz doesn’t even stand a chance at winning the Presidency.  The time has long past since you could be homophobic and still be elected President. Follow us on Facebook-> Geekly | GayGeeks | Walking Dead|VideoGamez|GayFab | Outlander | TVAddicts | Buy an awesome Geek shirt at



Watch Ted Cruz's Honest Presidential Campaign Ad Because You're Welcome

Funny or Die has given us this AMAZING video of Ted Cruz’s Honest Presidential Campaign Ad, and it’s so damn good I’m DEAD. This is so funny I literally can’t even right now, and you guys seriously need to check it out below and YOU’RE WELCOME!! Follow us on Facebook-> Geekly – GayGeeks – WalkingDead – […]


Jon Stewart lampoons Ted Cruz... and Ted Cruz is totally sorted into Slytherin

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