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Hillary Clinton Says She's Not Running For Anyone Else's Third Term

We recently got to see Hillary Clinton talk to Stephen Colbert, where not only did she KILL IT at that interview, but she also made it very clear that she’s only running for herself. Not Obama’s third term, not her husband’s, but HERS. It’s seriously fantastic, and you totally need to check it out right […]


Watch The Best of Hilary Clinton at The Democratic Debate #YASHILLARYYAS

As many of you know, Hillary Clinton absolutely SLAYED it at last night’s Democratic Debate, so much so that even a CNN correspondent said “She was Beyoncé” last night, and she absolutely was. What we love so much about Hillary is that no matter how much crap gets thrown at her, she still continues to […]



Pandora Boxx Shows Us What Hillary Clinton's New Campaign Song Should Be

Drag diva Pandora Boxx and Adrian Anchondo have shown us what they think should be Hilary Clinton’s next campaign song, and it’s absolutely the best thing in the history of the Universe! By remaking Maroon 5’s “Sugar,” here’s “The Hilary Song!” Buy Conceal, Don’t Feel


Sexy Men's String Quartet 'Well-Strung' is Pro-Hilary Clinton in New Video

The super sexy and amazing men’s string quartet Well-Strung has told us all that they’re pro-Hilary Clinton in their newest music video ‘Chelsea’s Mom,’ a spinoff of the song ‘Stacy’s Mom,’ and we’re not mad about it at all!! Check it out and ENJOY!! Buy Da Vinci’s Stay Puft Man



Hillary Clinton Continues Her Pro-Equality Campaign

Hillary Clinton has continued her pro-equality campaign with this latest video, and we’re not mad about it at all! This lovely older gay man talks about him and his partner, and the daughter they had adopted and how she is doing, and then goes on when referring to Hillary, says “That’s our gal!” I love […]