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17 Sexy League of Legends Cosplay

Leona League of Legends Cosplay by Missyeru.devianta… Arcade Miss Fortune: Yaya Han Morgana from League of Legends Cosplay… Yasuo – League of Legends – Cosplay by    Jessica Nigri, dressed as Ziggs Graves Ryan Brandt Cosplay’s Guy VI #Cosplay from League of Legends Gender Bend Jinx League of legend by okageo on deviantART […]



What League Of Legends vs Fire Emblem Would Look Like

This video, although it’s a joke, shows us what a game where Fire Emblem fighting against League of Legends would look like, and to be completely honest, I would totally play the Hell out of it, and you guys seriously need to check it out and ENJOY!! Buy Eat Sleep Game




Here's 3 Photos of The League of Legends/Smash Bros. Mashup We'll Never See

Some developers over at Riot out of boredom decided to make the beginnings of a League of Legends/Super Smash Bros. mashup that will unfortunately never happen, and DAMN THEM for teasing us!! Seriously, although the photos are a bit fuzzy, I would KILL for this to actually become a thing. You guys seriously need to check […]