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Capt. Jack Harkness Returns in new TORCHWOOD series!

Capt Jack is back, not on tv but in the form of a new Torchwood radio series.  Chedk out the official press release below Big Finish proudly presents John Barrowman as Captain Jack Harkness in Torchwood – an all new series of audio dramas based on the fantastic Doctor Who spin-off series. Torchwood, the intrepid […]


John Barrowman Hosts "The Many Faces Of Awesome" Panel at Emerald City Comicon

John stands up for fans John sings to Alex Kingston John was absolutely amazing, had everyone laughing and even might have given a slight spoiler either that or he was just messing with everyone.  Someone asked if he would be back on Doctor Who and he said “Spoilers”!  Everyone went crazy but he also said […]