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Watch This Colorblind Man's Reaction When He Sees Purple For The First Time

Vlogger Ethan Zachery Scott suffers from colorblindness, and had never seen the color purple before, or any color 100% correctly for that matter. Well, his fiance, James went out and bought him a fancy pair of glasses that specifically correct his vision, and watching his reaction is absolutely the most amazing thing EVER. Check it out […]





13 Sexy Photos That Just Made Luke Casey Your Favorite Australian

Luke Casey is an absolutely beautiful model from Australia, and we’re absolutely obsessed with him! One look at these photos and you’ll see why!! Yeah, you’re welcome!! Oh, and there’s this too…. 🙈 A video posted by @luke_casey on Dec 17, 2014 at 4:47pm PST Click to get some sexy Andrew Christian undies on sale […]




Clark The Dog Has a Super Hot Dad

Clark the dog is a ridiculously focused and talented canine that knows lots of tricks, and that’s all great and everything, but what we’re REALLY interested in is his Dad, Sean Sarantos, who is a RIDICULOUSLY hot body builder!! Now, you can check out how awesome he and his dog are in the video below, […]