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Here's 5 Reviews of Dark Souls 3 to Hold You Over Until Tomorrow's Release

Director Hidetaka Miyazaki is back with Dark Souls 3 which is available tomorrow April 12th.  it’s got a 90 on Metacritic with a 4.5 out of 5, and over all everyone seems to be pleased with the lastest in the franchise but there are a few complaints.  Check out the reviews below. Get Dark Souls […]


Holy Hell, They Just Released The Official Final Fantasy 15 Clothing Line

Square Enix with Japenese fashion house Roen teamed up to bring you the official Final Fantasy 15 fashion line.  It looks absolutely amazing but if you want it you’ll need to cough up a good $3000 per outfit.  Check out the picture below (via Roen) Pre-Order Final Fantasy 15







Bayonetta and Corrin Hit Super Smash Bros. This Week

  That’s right, Nintendo is adding Bayonetta and Corrin to Super Smash Bros this Tuesday, February 3rd in the US, and Europe and Japan on February 4th, and we’re EXTREMELY excited about it, and you should be too! Watch them battle to the death below and don’t forget to SHARE!!





Who Would You Kill To Go To Japan's Real-Life Pokémon Gym?

So we all know about Japan’s ‘real-life’ Pokémon gym, and with all the videos of it, including this one, we get to see just how absolutely amazing this place is, and I’m now currently trying to figure out just who I have to kill to get in there to be a Pokémon master. Check out […]