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Watch The Flash's Speed Force Scene in Slo-Mo (Spoilers and Easter Eggs)

If you haven’t seen the season finale of The Flash, then don’t watch this video. But if you HAVE seen the finale, then you REALLY need to watch the video, because not only does it show us everything that he saw when he entered the speed force in slow motion, allowing us to REALLY see all […]


Watch The Review For The Flash Season Finale Tonight at 6:15PM

Make sure you tune in tonight at 6:15pm Pacific Time for  The Stream’s review of the season finale of The Flash!! Tonight’s episode is sure to be a pretty damn amazing one with a whole bunch of craziness, so that means the review is going to be EVEN BETTER!! Seriously check it out tonight and YOU’RE […]


Grant Gustin Thanks Fans For The Flash Season 1

The Flash’s Grant Gustin thanks all the fans of the show for the immense support and excitement for Season 1 by writing this wonderfully touching and sweet letter to everyone in anticipation of the season finale, and it’s absolutely amazing!! Read it below: It’s happening, guys. The finale is finally here. THIS TUESDAY. It was […]