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Watch This Guy's Junk Pop Out When He Drops it Low (NSFW)

So apparently while this suited gentleman was dancing at a club, he got a little TOO into dropping it low, considering that his pants split wide open in the perfect place for his ENTIRE package to pop out and give everyone a show, and we’re not mad about it at all. Check it out by […]


10 Sexy Geeks To Get You Through The Week

Via Gray Fullbuster Cosplay Dark Link Cosplay via Via via via via Via via


Watch Brent Ray Fraser's Hardonski Weird Yet Hot Naked Workout [NSFW]

You might remember Brent Ray Fraser as the outdoor painter, famous for painting with his penis.  Well he is back and this time he has this bizarre naked work out video as Officer Hardonski.  I don’t always understand what Brent Ray Fraser is up to or why he does what he does but… it’s always […]




Daddyhunt App Launches Original Web Series All About Daddies.

 The Daddyhunt web series is live and it’s full of hot daddies.  Watch the episodes now   Watch all episodes here: Daddyhunt is available on iTunes (iOS):… Google Play (Android):… And Online:


17 Gay Geeks & Gaymers From Instagram

Some of my favorite gay gaymer geek photos from instagram   Wonder tropical Brazilian Man, ready for my Carnival WOD! 🏋🏻🎉👯💪🏻 #staysuper #gaystagram #instagay #hairyscruffhomo #gayfit #gayman #gayboy #instahomo #instafit #scruff #homoscruff #gayscruff #sexygayman #sexy #hottie #cute #thebeardedgay #thebeardedhomo #hotandscruff #fit #gaymen #wod #crossfit #crossfiter A post shared by Rafael Farias Teixeira (@rafaftex) on Jan […]


Watch This Sexy Ping Pong Player Use His Penis as a Paddle (NSFW)

In this absolutely magical video, we get to see this sexy ping-pong player use his wiener as a paddle to hit the ball back to the other player, and although we’re a little freaked out about the sound of the ball hitting his penis, we’re not mad about watching it happen. Click here to go […]






Studies Show Guys Like Cuddling Guys: So Here are 9 Pics Of Bros Cuddling Bros

Latest studies show that guys like brojobs, cuddling and are way more comfortable and secure with themselves then in previous decades.  So here is some eye candy and if you are curious about these studies.  You can read them here and here All images from Tumblr Click to get some sexy Andrew Christian undies on […]