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Guy Creates a Real Life Hoverboard, And It's Crazy Fast

Forget all those fake hoverboards, Franky Zapata actually created a real hoverboard that can travel at 93 MPH and 10,000 ft in the air.  You won’t see this in the stores anytime soon but it does remind me of the green goblin or the flying soldiers from the 80’s film, Masters of the Universe.   Would […]





These Girls Honored Robin Williams in The Best of Ways on Halloween

  This all girl cosplay group honored Robin Williams’ memory in the absolute best possible way this Halloween by dressing up as several of the iconic characters he played throughout his career, and it’s so far beyond the best thing ever that we don’t even know how to handle ourselves! Check it out and ENJOY!! […]


You Too Can Have This R2-D2 Mini Fridge For a Mere $8,000

For just a mere $8,000 you too can have yourself a remote controlled R2-D2 Mini fridge, and yet we still think it’s worth it! Haier Asia are the guys behind this incredible piece of beauty, and it’s literally the best thing ever! Check it out right now and ENJOY!!









Ducks Get Adorable Duck Lanes In England

So in England, they are working on giving the ducks their own lane in order to make the walking and biking paths a safe place for everyone in the city, and it’s not only amazing, but also the single cutest thing in the history of the Universe, and BYE I’M MOVING TO ENGLAND. It’s been […]