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Zayn Malik's Leaked Penis Photos Have Arrived!! (NSFW)

Former One Direction Member Zayn Malik’s penis photos have supposedly surfaced the Internet, and although we’re not 100% sure that they’re ACTUALLY him, we’re most CERTAINLY not mad about the photos! You can check them out by clicking here right now and YOU’RE WELCOME!! Join Amazon Prime – Watch Thousands of Movies & TV Shows […]






Watch This Guy's Junk Pop Out When He Drops it Low (NSFW)

So apparently while this suited gentleman was dancing at a club, he got a little TOO into dropping it low, considering that his pants split wide open in the perfect place for his ENTIRE package to pop out and give everyone a show, and we’re not mad about it at all. Check it out by […]


10 Sexy Geeks To Get You Through The Week

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Watch Brent Ray Fraser's Hardonski Weird Yet Hot Naked Workout [NSFW]

You might remember Brent Ray Fraser as the outdoor painter, famous for painting with his penis.  Well he is back and this time he has this bizarre naked work out video as Officer Hardonski.  I don’t always understand what Brent Ray Fraser is up to or why he does what he does but… it’s always […]






Davey Wavey Says Respect The Elder Gays, And We Agree

Davey Wavey has released a new video where he talks about how everyone should respect their elderly gays, and we 100% support his words, and you should too!! The shit our elders went through when they were our age has paved the way for us to be able to enjoy gay bars, clubs, and hold […]