MTV's 'Scream' Welcomes Horror Fans Back in Brutal Season 2 Trailer


With less than a month away from the premiere of MTV’s hit reboot of the popular slasher franchise, a new trailer was dropped live today on their Facebook.

It was immediately followed by a Q&A with Bex Taylor-Klaus (Audrey) & John Karna (Noah).

In the trailer, we are greeted with a ‘Welcome Back’ from Noah after a small recap of the showdown with the Killer in S1. What follows is Emma wanting to get back to normal, but soon after we see things are going to be far from normal.

Lots of chaos and carnage ensues on the Lakewood survivors with the promise that “they’re all gonna die”. As we also get a look at some new faces joining the bloodbath this season.

Check it out below:

Scream returns Monday, May 31st. Be sure to tune in for more deaths galore.

And if you are interested in the Q&A check it out below.

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