MTV 'Scream' Season 2 Details & Air Date


Last year MTV debuted their reboot of the iconic horror franchise and renewed it immediately after the season had finished.

Now we have an air date and details on where the show will go this season.


Starting on May 31st the bloodbath will continue and our Lakewood gang will once again be at the center of a mystery that only had the surfaced scratched last year.

MTV released details on what the gang is up to when the horror show returns.

Several months after the Lakewood murders Emma (the show’s version of Sidney) returns from a retreat where she was trying to cope with the murders of her friends and boyfriend, “trying” being the key word.

While Queen B Brooke will be dating the bad boy jock Jake, while hiding the relationship from her shady Mayor of a father.

Meanwhile, horror buff Noah will be at the center of find the truth about the murders of the first season. And his best friend Audrey will be at the center of trying to hide the truth about why she was mailing the killer, too bad someone will be harassing her about her dirty little secret.

On top of this, Lakewood will be adding six new characters;


Kiana Ledé will play Zoe, an overachieving H.S. student who harbors a secret.


Austin Highsmith will portray Karen Lang, a young, idealistic high school psychology teacher.


Karina Logue will play Tina Hudson, who’s proper and polite but has a grifter’s sense of self-reliance.


Sean Grandillo will portrary Eli, Kieran’s cousin who seems squeaky-clean but may have ulterior motives.


Anthony Ruivivar will play Sheriff Michael Acosta, who grew up in Lakewood and has returned just in time for the new killing spree.


And lastly,  Santiago Segura will play Sheriff Acosta’s son Gustavo, a dark and brooding H.S. student who’s deeply into comic books, horror and serial killers.

Will they be a part of the new body count? Find out in May on MTV.

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