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8 Eevee Cupcakes For Your Sweet Tooth

I’m hung over af, and these look like exactly what I need right now. captnmcd: Eevee Cupcakes! buttercream swirl with fondant ears/details! prolly been about 6 months since I have done anything fondant. I also ended up cleaning out my tool box and I threw out all my died up gels so I had only […]









Peter Joins Grindr on The New Family Guy Episode, And It's Amazing

In the newest episode of Family Guy, we get to see Peter join Grindr, and it’s just as absolutely hilarious and amazing and you can imagine, and you totally need to check it out right now and ENJOY!! FAMILY GUY | Grinder from “An App a Day”That’s one way to meet like-minded folks, Peter. Posted […]