Watch the exciting new 'Teen Wolf' 5 minute clip and 'After After Show' trailer

There is only 6 days until MTV’s hit show returns for the second half of it’s fifth season, which promises to repair our favorite relationships and return some of the humor of the series.

So MTV has decided to give us a glimpse at one of the scenes for 5B that features Liam, Hayden, Deputy  Valerie Clarke, and the mystery new enemy; La Bête.

The clip opens up with a car ride between Hayden and her sister Valerie, which leads to the water plant and a bloody discovery.

Also released by MTV is a 5 minute trailer to this season’s After After Show hosted by Morgan Evans. Which I’ll let the trailer do the talking.

Teen Wolf returns on it’s new night, Tuesday January 5th. Followed by the two hour premiere of the Shannara Chronicles.

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