Teen Wolf's New Promo Will Leave You Hopeless


Teen Wolf has never been one to shy away from dark storytelling, and season 5 has been hitting it’s audience with it’s darkest storyline yet.

Despite having creepy villains, the darkest thing has been the theme of losing your friends. With the finale of 5A we were left feeling hopeless for these characters and with the new promo you can tell we’ve got awhile to go before they find hope again.

The promo features Melissa McCall comforting her son about how losses come to all leaders. And while a rallying speech to build him up, it’s played over different scenes of the pack going through hell while a somber tune plays. It’s evident these kids need a break, especially Scott (someone give him a damn hug please?).

I cried for a good few minutes, so prepare your tissues.

Teen Wolf returns on it’s new night, Tuesday January 5th.

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