Watch MTV's 'the Shannara Chronicles' Opening Featuring Ruelle

With only less than two months two go until it’s premiere, MTV has released the opening for their adaptation of the Shannara series.

The amount of effort MTV has put into this series has been extravagant since it’s first trailer. So it’s no surprise they went all out for a stylish intro.

And stylish it is. The opening showcases the destruction of the modern earth, the ruins that have now reverted to that of ancient times, the resurgence of races that are known to us as fairytale, and closes with a beautiful CG rendering of the Ellcrys, a tree that plays an integral part in the show’s lore.

The opening also features Ruelle’s hauntingly epic song ‘Until We Go Down’. MTV has featured the artist’s beautiful tracks on their current hits ‘Teen Wolf’ & ‘Scream’.

You can check out the trailer below, and be sure to tune in to MTV on January 5th for the premiere after the Winter premiere of ‘Teen Wolf’ Season 5B.

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