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Watch MTV's 'the Shannara Chronicles' Opening Featuring Ruelle

With only less than two months two go until it’s premiere, MTV has released the opening for their adaptation of the Shannara series. The amount of effort MTV has put into this series has been extravagant since it’s first trailer. So it’s no surprise they went all out for a stylish intro. And stylish it […]


Watch The Official Civil War Trailer With First Look At Black Panther

We get to see Falcon be a total badass! We know what side Iron Patriot is on Finally we get the first look at Black Panther, he looks amazing but sadly looks like he’s on #TeamIronMan   Here’s #TeamCaptainAmerica and looks like Scarlet Witch has learned some new tricks Captain being a super soldier and […]




16 Photos From The Guys of Gay Geeks & X-Gays

Thanks to everyone for the submissions.  If you fancy one make sure you contact them and let them know how much you appreciate their photo 🙂 Also check out the pages Gay Geeks and our sister page X-Gays   Instagram: 24mikeman24 Snapchat: deviner2424 Snapchat and Instagram is leo2k4u insta is @korindustries Kingaffinity is my snap […]




Watch a Bunch of Russian Kids Vogue in Dance Class

These kids serve up some vogue fierceness. Though I’m sure if Russia knew it’s ties to the lgbt community they would probably outlaw it. My class in Russia. Kids Voguing down and letting it on outGirl Nicol Safronova boy Leonid Mizrahi And yes. Their… Posted by Dashaun Wesley on Thursday, January 7, 2016