NYCC '15 - First Look At Teen Wolf Season 5B, Cast Panel, & 5A DVD Release Date

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 4.14.46 PMIt’s only been a month since Teen Wolf’s 5th season went on a break and my withdrawals already began, but luckily for us we got quite a bit of goodies today. First of which were some teases of what’s to come during the panel at New York Comic Con by Jeff Davis and others:

  • Scott & his pack will storm Eichen House to save Lydia
  • Scott & Stiles will not be mending their relationship right away
  • Scott is not going to be forgiving Liam anytime soon either
  • The new monster in called ‘the Beast’ and will be a common enemy for Theo & Scott’s packs
  • There will be multiple people returning from previous seasons
  • Theo’s motivation is he wants to be a real Werewolf and we will see why
  • Scott will be much more of a bad-ass this season
  • Derek is STILL not coming back (Stop asking)
  • They are ultimately working towards an epic ending for the series (Hint that maybe S6 will be the end?)
  • Teen Wolf will be moving to Tuesday nights starting with the 5B premiere on January 5th!

The trailer for Season 5B was also shown, make sure to get some tissues prepared because I can guarantee it’s going to hit you with lots of emotion that will leave you in tears! There is a lot of action, returning faces, mentions of new conflict, and some tension between the popular pairing of Sciles.

Before the panel started, it was announced via the stream that Season 5A will be releasing on DVD December 15, it will have some exclusive bonus features & some collectable cards containing art from fans they featured earlier this year in an Art Exhibit to promote the 5th season.

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 2.43.12 PM

If you want to check out the panel make sure to check it out below, there is lots of laughter, awkwardness, and Posey acting like an absolute dweeb. The panel guests are Tyler Posey, Cody Christian, Dylan Sprayberry, Jeff Davis, and guest appearance that will make you smile!

Be sure to check out the 5B premiere on it’s new Tuesday timeslot starting January 5th!

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