'Teen Wolf' Creator Jeff Davis thought Season 5 was the end


There are only two episodes left until MTV’s hit show will be approaching it’s mid-season finale for Season 5, while the second half of the season started filming last week. It’s only natural that fans are wondering where the series will be going from here since most of the pack have entered their Senior year and graduation seems to be at the core of the theme this season.

Where do the writers intend to take these characters come the end of the season? With the show being renewed for a 6th season at SDCC this year (x), fans have begun to wonder if they plan on doing a season of “College Wolf” so to speak.

According the series creator Jeff Davis, the writers are still debating on that and he isn’t exactly sure where Season 6 will go. He revealed this and more during an interview with Artist Alley Podcast, on top of this he revealed something a lot of fans thought was the case before the renewal; Season 5 was going to be the end.

Speculation that this might be the case began once various members of the cast & Jeff claimed that Season 5 was being treated as the last season during the filming of 5A. It also started to look that way as Jeff Davis was announced to be penning the pilot for A&E that was an adaptation of the Swedish Vampire novel “Let the Right One In” (x), and Davis has stated he doesn’t want to focus on two shows at once.

arton64770(Creator/Showrunner Jeff Davis)

Although Season 5 looked like the end to him, MTV wants to keep the show going which is no surprise after the numbers the season premiere had (x). And while Davis has expressed not wanting to do more than one show at a time, during the podcast interview he claims that he is still going through with “Let the Right One In”.

Thank you, MTV for giving us more Teen Wolf! Let’s see where he can take the show from here, we still have another 12 episodes left of Season 5 to get emotional over.

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