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Introducing The 'Sky Ladder,' The Magical Fiery Ladder That Climbs Through The Sky

Through the powers of wizardry and unicorns, Chinese artist Cai Guoqiang has given a new meaning to fireworks with his pyrotechnic ‘Sky Ladder’ that climbs through the sky somehow (pretty sure it’s some gypsy shit), and it’s probably the most majestic thing in the world, and you totally need to check it out right now and ENJOY!! […]


Amy Schumer is Getting Her HBO Standup Special, And Yes, There's a Trailer

The absolutely beautiful, amazing, and hilarious Amy Schumer is finally getting her HBO Standup Special that will be filmed at the Apollo Theater, and it will be coming out on October 17th at 10/9c on HBO, and there’s a trailer!! It’s absolutely every bit as amazing as you could ever imagine, and you totally need […]