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If Super Smash Bros. Was a First Person Fighting Game

SoKrispyMedia has given us this absolutely incredible video of what it would look like if Super Smash Bros. was a first person fighting game, and let’s just say that you’re not ready for the amount of sheer awesome you’re about to see. Check it out and ENJOY!! Buy Eat Sleep Game











Here's 9 Incredible Minutes of 'Until Dawn' Gameplay You Don't Want to Miss

We now have not only 9 minutes of gameplay for the upcoming video game ‘Until Dawn,’ and not only does it look super amazing, but it looks like they made the characters pretty damn attractive, and we’re not mad about it at all! Seriously check it out and ENJOY!! Buy Eat Sleep Game



Watch Miss Fame Turn YouTube Star Raymond Braun Into a Drag Queen

RuPaul’s Drag Race’s ‘Miss Fame’ has transformed YouTube personality Raymond Braun into Drag Queen ‘Miss Fortune’ in this absolutely incredible transformation video, and let’s just say that she’s quite the pretty lady! Check it out and ENJOY!! Buy Joy Stick