Monthly archives: July 2015




This 'Priscilla Airlines' Safety Video is The Gayest PSA Ever

 Elia Chechick from an arts school in Jerusalem was tasked with creating a branding video for an imaginary airline for a school project, and naturally it’s the gayest thing ever, with dildos falling out of the ceiling and all, and you totally need to check it out right now and ENJOY!! And here’s what she […]


8 Photos of That Sexy Chef That The Internet Fell in Love With Yesterday

Chef Ryan Durant went viral yesterday when a video popped up of a thirsty gay news anchor losing his shit and walking off set when he found out that Durant isn’t married, and it was amazing. Well, now we have 8 super sexy photos of said chef, and we’re not mad about it at all! […]











This Sexy Model Wants to Teach You Some Office Workouts

Sexy model and actor Noah Mills teaches us that there’s workouts you can do in the office every day while you’re at work to keep you healthy and fit and high energy, and I have no idea what workouts he taught me, I was just looking at his body. So, someone please watch this and […]



Gay Couple Gets Naked to Protest Homophobia (NSFW)

Gay Brazilian couple Felippe and Marlon stripped down completely naked and took photos in the middle of the streets of São Paulo to protest homophobia, and we’re not mad about it at ALL!! Here’s what they had to say to “Of all the countless times I’ve been to São Paulo, none of them I skipped visiting […]