Watch the Opening Kill for MTV's Scream!

11537905_655702831231572_3242515676766734387_oOnly 4 days and counting until you can be asked; “Do you like scary television?”

MTV’s Scream is close to it’s premiere where fans can decide if this reboot is killer and lives up to the franchise name! From everything said so far it sounds to be selling that this IS Scream. MTV has released the first 8 minutes which already prove that this is definitely keeping true to the franchise’s brand of humor, scares, & bloodshed.

True to the franchise, the series opens with a a big-star (Bella Thorne) who plays Nina who is being stalked by masked killer, only to be toyed with at first. Which is very reminiscent of the Drew Barrymore kill in the original 1996 film.

Check it out below:

Be sure to tune in on June 30th for the premiere after a brand new episode of Teen Wolf.


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