It is impossible to choose the best moment of Outlander... ;)

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Hi Sassenachs 😉 why should we stop talking about Outlander?
I will not;)
This week I asked to my fellow Sassenachs which were their favourite moments of the show, I just made a post on Fb :

“22 hrs Edited
Hello Sassenachs !! join me in this venture tell me your favourite moments of your favorite episode of Outlander the one that will score more points will be the main theme of my next article it will be on here under the post or send me a pm!! TY goooooooooooo”

All the Ladies have been amazing!! each one of them noticed a detail, a gaze, a colour a gesture, you will be happy to read them as I am 😉

Guess which episode scored more points….?

So… since at least we are all adults.. I might mention the word ‘Sex’
First of all, the episode was written by a woman, so we have a female POV
Did you feel the difference, as women have our expectations been satisfied?
I believe yes 😉 it was strong… intense… but still funny and romantic…

I made up a stotyline..following our thoughts…

The “real” kiss – after corsets are off , because it was a turning point in the show and the relationship and in the tone of the romantic involvement between our two main characters! And it was hot

Me —> very hot…

Claire 360 stroll around naked Jamie
Me —> intense…

When Jamie says fair is fair and Claire takes off her shirt and Jamie steps back because of how she looks…

—> fair is fair… right??

Let’s go back a little…. rewind .. what happened before… the wedding….

Once upon the time…

Claire’s transformation into her period garb at the castle. The layering of the pieces to create the ensemble was like shedding the old Claire for the new..

When she trips on him in the stables trying to escape.

” The Rent” episode when Claire gives Jamie a blanket. their hands touch, their eyes linger on each other like they want to give in to their feelings but know they shouldn’t.

Me —> That touch..was pure adrenaline….

Since it is Claire’s story, was when she realized the women were setting dye with urine. Then joyfully joined in. Could you imagine the smell. They did not have strong soaps to wash their hands or clothes. Then Rupert accused her of smelling like piss and she came back with, that is the pot calling the kettle black.


The shot of Jamie coming out into the clearing for the wedding.

When Jamie bows to Claire after seeing her in her wedding dress…

Me —> JAMMF How real did it look? a lot……

When Jamie asked Claire in ep 8, if it was always so between a man and a woman. The questioning innocence on his face was so real.

Argument in 109.

The River scene “you don’t speak to me …You fouled mouth bitch! … At that point, he had me…great acting…and the break in his voice…oh…

When Jamie was at the river as he was working out how to handle the distance that developed between them and he was actually narrating his own feelings…

Me: ” I will have cave your heart and have it for breakfast…”

Me: “Are you ready to go home Sassenachs?” it broke my hearth….

When he takes her back to the stones and tell to go back to her time.

” I must part with you now. That’s why we’re here.” Sob.

When she comes back and wakes him up to tell him that she loves him and will stay…

And the story goes … to be continued….
See You next week….

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