Review Outlander 1x15 Wentworth


Hello Sassenachs,
I am aware this episode, made us suffer, it took out of us a lot of different emotions, Tell me your… I can’t really explain it , it was so powerful. I still feel mess up…

I was a kind of ‘looking forward’ mixed with ‘I don’t know if I am ready for it’, and I read every single page…

I know we have to do an evaluation of the whole complexity of every character and there is so much behind each one of them.

Sadism, sex, love, worries, pains, physical pain,hate, revenge, how break a soul, how to save a life.

‘ Can I call you Jamie’?

‘Stay awake Jamie, talk to me, we are going away from here’

Jamie’s daring, no fears,there was just fire in his eyes. He would not have surrendered for any reason, but one.

His last thought was for, Claire, his wife, I think she would have forgiven him, anything,in order to have HIM back.

‘Jamie you did not do not anything wrong, you are a soldier, you could not leave anyone behind, you are the knight with the shining armour,brave hearth, a pure soul.

His glance, blue as the sky in the summer time,pristine as the water.

It looks like his time has come, no hope, when ironically He is saved by his slave driver.
Randall’s prey,Jamie is there,more vulnerable and exposed than ever.

Bjr looks satisfied,I guess he felt in control, a kind of proud to be the ‘hero’ , saving (temporarily) Jamie, his object of desire, from death.

‘Tell me you did not escape from Fort Williams, but from me, tell me you are terrified… tell me you think about me..while you…sleep with your wife’..

Claire finds a way to Wentworth, I can only see desperation in her eyes. She had to be strong during the search, she had to act as leader to gain the guys help and trust, but she crushed indeed while getting Jamie’s personal effects. Murthagh sustained her, He holds Her, like he wanted to take on the responsibility of her suffering, he wanted to help her to stay strong. Murthagh is her rock!

Claire could not bear it, she had 2 option, give up or react!!
I could feel their love, I could feel their pain for being apart.

One of the most controversial part of the first book

The rape, how to annihilate someone else willpower.


Lass I know how to save young Jamie, I stopped crying…


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