Review 1x16 'To ransom a man's soul'

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Hello Sassenachs!! Here we go… yesterday was the day..and then is droughtlander again..

I have been writing for weeks now, and every time it felt so good, so right, I feel satisfied, and a bit sad.

There are so many emotions going on my mind at the moment. It is like an emotional brainstorming. I felt like that, while reading the books and while watching every single episode. I guess you all feel like me right now.

Emotions and Love are something that we can’t just control, they follow their own way..and when they take over on rationality “sbadadam” it is pure magic.

Rationality told Claire that there was no chance to save Jamie, She just ignored it…

Love told Jamie that to sacrifice himself for Claire’s sake was the best choice.

No second thoughts…

The episode ended with the beginning of their journey… they leave behind their past, their family, their friends, their enemies. They save their best memories, with a promise : ” We will be back to Scotland”, they met there, they fell in love there, they wish they could just stay..

You are my home now..

We faced this journey together..episode after episode, we waited it was more than worth.

Our emotions went faster than the images, our heartbeat set forth the happy moments from the sad ones.

We put ourself in their shoes, we felt what they felt, sometimes we agreed with them , some others maybe we were mad of them. Sometimes it looked like I was inside the episode a 3D version of me hidden behind a tree peeking….here and there…
I think each one of us save a special memory in our heart.

Claire had already a lot of memories, the months she spent there, totally changed her life.
She saw the horrors of the war, she saw a lot of soldier injured, but none of them was her husband.. Jamie was right, he could bear his own pains, but he could not bear see her suffering, she hoped they were strong enough to survive to it.

‘He had your body, but I will be damned if he gets your soul’.

Randall was waiting for Jamie to get involved in the situation.

Claire needed Jamie to react to save his soul.. this scene broke my heart.

None can bring a man, where he doesn’t want to go.

Someone has to step in the darkness with him.

You can’t save a man who doesn’t want to be saved.

The two of them felt so guilty. Claire believed everything happened was her fault, she was trying to save him in the first place. Jamie felt so broken because he surrendered to Bjr, Randall made him believe Claire would never forgive him. He tried to save his life and Claire’s one, none could have never blamed him for that.

‘There is nothing to be forgiven’ claims Claire.

‘How is it possible that you still want me… because I love you always, ever..’

The only explanation she held on for months,the only certainty she had, was that they were meant to be together, they belonged each other, all that had happened, was just for them finally be together, fated.
The same faith that brought her to confess her story to the priest, looking for answers, looking for peace in her mind, looking for a solution.
Jamie’s solution was to kill himself, he lost his mind, his pains were nothing compared to his perishing soul.

She was willing to die with him, if Jamie would not react, she could not survive his loss..
I don’t wanna hurt you Claire, too late my husband wants to kill himself, without even telling me why.
She was the one supposed to step into the darkness, she was the light that cast away the shadows from his hearth once and for all. Claire has been the one that brought him back to life. She rescued his soul, as Jamie conquered her hearth.

You are home now… I am pregnant..

Love Sassenachs!!!



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