In depth- analysis Tobias/ Bjr possible spoiler 1x15 ;) By Ilariathemusic

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I had this idea to share with you a couple of thoughts, so I ask a friend of mine to share with Us her thoughts;)


We love the books,the show, we love the actors, but what is really important is to distinguish between the actors and the characters 😉

I am aware all of us favours one of them or maybe all of them, but here we want just have fun and feel free and express opinions, no hate is meant, no criticism either. everything is already in the book 😉

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Waiting for Wentworth: ilariathemusic@’s (To)biased perspective on Black Jack Randall.

I always say to Outlander fans that I am Tobiased. Some even credit me with the term, though I am sure many others have thought of the same pun. For sure, what I mean by Tobiased puts me in a minority in the fandom of both show and books, because it means that I am a Tobias Menzies fan who has discovered Outlander because of her favourite actor, without knowing the novels that most viewers have known and loved for many years instead.

It’s something that has made feel against the grain sometimes, because having Tobias in mind from the start has caused me to feel attracted to two of the most controversial figures in the story. One is the villain of the piece, whose actions leave indelible scars on Jamie and Claire. Of course, we are talking about Jonathan Wolverton “Black Jack” Randall, Captain of the 8th Dragoons and Sadist supreme, often referred to as BJR. The other is Claire’s 20th century husband (and the villain’s distant descendant) who seems to inspire in many fans nearly as much hatred as the villain himself. Yes, that’s the man commonly known as Frank.

Would I still had been drawn to the Randalls if I had first met them on page, without my favourite actor in mind? It’s impossible to tell for sure, because that’s not what happened. I am almost sure that I’d still love Frank, because I tend to root for the underdog, the unsung hero. My defence of Frank would (and probably will in future) take up a piece of its own. But right now I am here to write about my fascination with Black Jack Randall.

Yes, I have just written that I am attracted to BJR. No, of course I haven’t seen Wentworth yet, but I have read it. I am alone in this room as I am writing, but I can feel many eyes look at me funny. Or worse.

It’s obvious that much has to do with Tobias and how he plays him. At least he doesn’t seem surprised there are those, like me, who can’t keep their eyes off Black Jack, who find him disturbingly mesmerizing and even more disturbingly sexy. One thing that makes Tobias so great at playing villains is his awareness that you can show the appeal of a bad man without glorifying what he does (it’s one of the advantages of fiction, you can safely explore what is best left out of real life) . “The devil is sexy, the devil has the best songs”, he has said in interviews. That’s why he was born to play BJR, because the Captain is by definition a sexual and even sexy villain. Many, not to say all, of BJR’s acts of cruelty have a sexual connotation to them and he manages to elicit a sexual response even from one of the main characters. A plain, asexual BJR would make no sense at all.

And Tobias finds surprising tones in BJR’s blackness. As readers know, he gets to show his human, loving even, side in later books, but Tobias manages right from the start to give him enough depth to make his cruelty more believable, unpredictable and so, devastating. Like Claire in The Garrison Commander, I have redemption fantasies about him. That’s what is so tantalising for me: so handsome, intelligent and charismatic, he’d make a great hero. And I keep wondering what made him what he is now instead.

So how will I feel about Wentworth? I have to see it first. One thing is for sure: I am not going to miss a second of a great, brave, groundbreaking performance.

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