Review 1x12 Lallybroch Outlander

You are my Home now. The ring made with the key leads To Lallybroch, that place is much yours as mine. Look inside Your heart there you will find your home. Bring me home, bring me To Lallybroch.. I will never get tired about these words, my heart melted multiple times along this episode. Jamie spoke a lot about home, He described how he was imagining their future there. He Pictured that to Claire to give her a physical location for their future to happen, not just an idea of that, but walls and a roof. I found that so sweet, He has always been so caring about Her.
The main theme today is family. Not only the two of them. JAMIE had been away for a long time, many things had changed in the meanwhile, but his memories were still there along the courtyard, inside the building, every thing in Lallybroch reminded him something,but mostly the terrible experiences he had suffered, He could not just forget them, but this time he is not alone, not any longer..not anymore. I have to say that Jenny looked more as a mother in law.. to Claire more than a sister in law no fence..I am just joking 😉 Jenny is strong is stubborn, does she remind You anyone we know..? any clue??? ;)After Jamie was taken, and their father died She had to take care of everything, and that is much especially due to their culture and due to the fact she was a woman. I loved the fighting between them and I cried a river when They clarified. They Felt so guilty, if I… if I did not, maybe I could do differently, as Jamie said there was only one person responsible for that.. none of them was… Speaking about I was not expected to see that much… of Randall.. He is very intimate with a billion of Us now 😉 Any jealous DEar Hubby around?? Just wondering.. were the pats on the butt included in the ‘ I will have have your hearth for breakfast thing..? ‘ English Please…someone should make captions for his Hangover ;)Was there a mill? everybody was talking about a mill… sorry I only sow Jamie.. a lot of him.. (OMG) ask the neighbours..for the mill… 😉 gOODNIGHT CLAIRE, YOU FELT HOME NOW, yOU ARE HOME NOW…. LOL SASSENACHS AND LADS

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