Monthly archives: April 2015



Here's a Preview of Tomorrow's Supreme Court Argument

We have a preview of what’s going to be discussed during tomorrow’s Supreme Court hearing on Marriage Equality, and the primary argument that will be used! Check it out, and stay tuned for tomorrow!! Buy Super Gay Follow us on Facebook-> Geekly  |  GayGeeks  |  Walking Dead  |  VideoGamez  |  GayFab  |  Outlander  |  TVAddicts […]


Ellen's 'Jurassic World' Trailer is Better Than The Original

So, Ellen took it upon herself to create her own version of the ‘Jurassic World’ trailer, and it’s literally a BAGILLION times better than the original!! Seriously check it out below and ENJOY!! Buy Conceal, Don’t Feel Follow us on Facebook-> Geekly  |  GayGeeks  |  Walking Dead  |  VideoGamez  |  GayFab  |  Outlander  |  TVAddicts […]


Little Noah Beats Chris Pratt at Dinosaur Trivia

Recently on Ellen, Chris Pratt went against the dinosaur-obsessed and ridiculously adorable Noah in a battle of Dinosaur Jeopardy, and-SPOILERS- Noah wins! I personally think that this is super amazing, and you guys need to check it out below and ENJOY!! Buy Link & Famous Masks Follow us on Facebook-> Geekly  |  GayGeeks  |  Walking Dead […]











Heroes of the Storm tournament aired on ESPN and people freaked out!

Slowly we are seeing more and more esports make their way to TV.  Last year the Dota international was streamed on ESPN and sunday ESPN streamed Heroes of the Storm college tournament.  I guess when the ESPN2 regulars tuned in tonight, they freaked out.  Check out some of the tweets from Sunday night:   Finally the geeks […]