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Just Cause 3 Gameplay Reveal Trailer

The Just Cause 3 gameplay trailer has finally arrived, and unsurprisingly, it’s absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! I personally can’t wait until this game comes out, because I’m going to play the SHIT out of it!! Now, check out this gorgeous trailer below and ENJOY!! Buy You Got A Heart Follow us on Facebook-> Geekly  |  GayGeeks  | […]


Adam Lambert Releases "Ghost Town" Music Video

Adam Lambert has just released the music video for his new single, “Ghost Town,” and it’s SUPER AMAZING!! Check it out below and ENJOY!! Buy Joy Stick Follow us on Facebook-> Geekly  |  GayGeeks  |  Walking Dead  |  VideoGamez  |  GayFab  |  Outlander  |  TVAddicts  |  Buy an awesome Geek shirt at  


Watch The Promo For Next Week's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

We have the official promo for next week’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and let’s just say that shit between the S.H.I.E.L.D. that’s kind of the real S.H.I.E.L.D. but not actually S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Inhumans is about to get real, and we’re SUPER EFFING EXCITED!! Check it out below and ENJOY!! Buy The Original Four Follow us on Facebook-> Geekly  | […]


2003's Hulk Finally Gets an Honest Trailer

Over a DECADE later, we FINALLY get an amazingly accurate Honest Trailer for 2003’s Hulk with Ang Lee, and of course, it’s absolutely HILARIOUS!! Check it out! Buy Link & Famous Masks Follow us on Facebook-> Geekly  |  GayGeeks  |  Walking Dead  |  VideoGamez  |  GayFab  |  Outlander  |  TVAddicts  |  Buy an awesome Geek […]



The Avengers Cast Guesses Their Co-Stars From Bicep Photos

In THIS video, we learn that the Avengers cast definitely know their co-stars pretty well, especially since they can guess who their being shown, just by looking at their biceps!! This is seriously amazing, and you guys totally need to check it out below and enjoy!! Buy In A Galaxy Through Time & Space Follow […]


Sneak peak of iZOMBIE Season 1 Episode 8: "Dead Air"

iZombie 1×08 “Dead Air” – Liv (Rose McIver) and Clive (Malcolm Goodwin) work together to solve the murder of a morning radio talk show host who specialized in relationship straight talk. Liv becomes filled to the brim with insight after consuming the brains, making Clive extremely uncomfortable when Liv starts getting personal. Meanwhile, Peyton (guest […]


Sneak Peak for THE FLASH Season 1 Episode 21: "Grodd Lives"

The Flash 1×21 “Grodd Lives” – GRODD RETURNS! – Barry (Grant Gustin) must deal with the Reverse Flash’s (Tom Cavanagh) latest threat to a member of the group. To make matter worse, Dr. Wells unleashes Grodd on the city in order to distract Barry and the team. Joe (Jesse L. Martin), Barry and Cisco (Carlos […]



Mexicans Try Taco Bell, Chinese People Try Panda Express For The First Time

For all of us Americans who have fallen in love with Panda Express and Taco Bell, prepare to have everything you loved about those places destroyed, because ACTUAL Chinese people, and ACTUAL Mexican People try these foods, and they are most DEFINITELY not impressed. Although these videos are kind of old, they’re absolutely amazing, and […]


Carmilla Season Two is Almost Here

The Carmilla webseries is set to return to YouTube very shortly, which has Hollstein and LaFerry fans frothing at the mouth with excitement. The cast and crew have sent numerous tweets regarding the Season Two scripts, which have all Creampuffs cautiously excited. If you haven’t seen the series yet, it’s based off of the Carmilla […]


HulkBuster Highchair is The Coolest Super Fan Build EVER

The GENIUSES over at Super Fan Builds have build a HulkBuster Highchair, and it’s literally the coolest damn thing I’ve seen in a very very VERY long time, and you guys seriously need to check out the video below and ENJOY!! Buy In A Galaxy Through Time & Space Follow us on Facebook-> Geekly  | […]


Cross Ange Trailer For PS Vita is Here And It's GORGEOUS

Bandai Namco has released a five-minute trailer for their upcoming PS Vita game Cross Agne, and it’s seriously the single most beautiful mobile game I’ve seen in like, EVER!!! Seriously, you guys need to check out this AMAZING trailer below and ENJOY!! Buy My Neighbor Groot Follow us on Facebook-> Geekly  |  GayGeeks  |  Walking Dead […]


Live-Action Attack On Titan English-Dubbed Trailer is Finally Here

The English-dubbed live-action Attack on Titan trailer is here, and it is about DAMN time!! Check it out below and enjoy!! Buy You Got A Heart Follow us on Facebook-> Geekly  |  GayGeeks  |  Walking Dead  |  VideoGamez  |  GayFab  |  Outlander  |  TVAddicts  |  Buy an awesome Geek shirt at