Outlander review 1x11 The devil's mark


Bring me Home, bring me To Lallybroch. The truth is so powerful, the truth sets us free. Claire was worried about confessing everything to Jamie, She could not predict His reaction. Once Again Jamie’s behaviour made my heart beat, and left me speechless. The truth brought they relationship totally into a different level, one deeper and stronger, it connected them even more. Claire, holds nothing, but she gave him, the most precious thing she could, a future, together. No more lies, no more misunderstandings. She was so confused, too many emotions to think clearly, she felt like drifted, she felt in the middle of a storm, but she actually was not. Whatever was holding her back, just went away, while confessing. Claire felt guilty for Frank, but guilt is not love. She tried for months to escape, but when she finally had the opportunity she just could not. I believe everything just became clear to her, her ‘future’ was in the ‘past’. Without Being aware of that, she was already home, she was not just acting, she felt comfortable there, she invested time and strain, bloods and tears. Claire was caring about the people she met, she was ready to fight for Geillis, and was waiting for Jamie to save her, she did not how, but she just knew it. Claire just needed time, it was all there, what was inside her heart jus flew impetuously, she was not undecided, she was hesitant in front of the standing stones. Jamie broke my heart,how much painful was for him to lie telling ‘there is anything for You here’ how in love he was to let her beloved go, he had to pretend he was strong, but he was crushed. I cried a river even if I knew the story, it has been so touching, i felt inside the book, I felt like I was there, watching them hidden behind a tree, it was so real to me. Frank loved Claire, but Claire loves Jamie. Bring me home, bring me to Lallybroch, ‘You are my home now’, Jamie told. I see Lallybroch as new beginning, what was attraction, now is fire, what was a ‘contract’ became an indissoluble bond,passion turned into love, what was fear became trust, what was uncertainty became home. Love Sassenach

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