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Kristen Wiig is Khaleesi And It's Hilarious

Jimmy Kimmel interviews Khaleesi (Kristen Wiig) in this video, and it’s so far beyond hilarious that I don’t even know what to do with myself!! Seriously, check out this GENIUS below and ENJOY!! Buy Wanna Co-Op Follow us on Facebook-> Geekly  |  GayGeeks  |  Walking Dead  |  VideoGamez  |  GayFab  |  Outlander  |  TVAddicts  | […]




Watch Todrick Hall Perform More Than 70 Beyoncé Songs in 4 Minutes

The ridiculously talented and AMAZING Todrick Hall has done it again with this video, where he slams all 5 of Beyonce’s studio albums–that’s over 70 tracks–into just 4 minutes, and it’s seriously the most impressive thing EVER. I can’t even IMAGINE how difficult this was to put together!! Check it out below and ENJOY!! ‘); […]


Watch This Vlogger Teach His Straight Brother Gay Slang

This Vlogger named Jacob has made this amazing video where he teaches his adorably straight brother Gay slang, and it’s the most amazing thing you’ll see ALL DAY!!! Check it out below and ENJOY!! Buy Joy Stick Follow us on Facebook-> Geekly  |  GayGeeks  |  Walking Dead  |  VideoGamez  |  GayFab  |  Outlander  |  TVAddicts […]