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Carmilla Season Two Premieres Spring 2015!

If you’re not watching Carmilla, you should be. The second season of the webseries based off the Le Fanu novel by the same name arrives in Spring, 2015. Given that there’s only 20 days until the ‘official’ start of Spring, I’m hopeful that S2 will premiere on the VerveGirl YouTube channel sooner rather than later. […]






CW's 'The 100': The #Clexa Kiss that Broke the Internet

There’s a common adage in LGBTQIA media, and it’s that if you create a show with canon queer characters in it–we’re going to watch it. Doesn’t matter what it is, someone, somewhere that’s under the QUILTBAG umbrella is going to check it out. This is doubly certain for those that are seeking reliable F/F representation […]


Recap - Once Upon a Time 4x13: "Darkness on the Edge of Town"

Once Upon a Time continued its fourth season with an opener that had its fair share of amazing moments. If you’d been thinking that Frozen was a snore-fest for the kids, the Queens of Darkness offer adult viewers a darker storyline that’s got some interesting implications to it. This recap will contain full spoilers for […]