Once Upon a Time Season 4B Premieres 3/1/2015!

The Once Upon a Time season 4B premiere airs next Sunday, and with it brings the Queens of Darkness, a SwanQueen vacation, and hints of Emma being tempted to use her light magic for evil. If you’ve been following the news, Adam and Eddy have been hinting that Emma is going to have a hard time staying true to her light magic in 4B. We’re going to have to wait and see what Regina and Emma’s trip to Rhode Island has to do with it, though it’s certainly interesting. As for the Queens of Darkness, I’m still undecided. I am thrilled that Ursula is played by Merrin Dungey, whom we last saw on Alias. Cruella still seems out of place in the trio, though I’m hoping she earns her stripes–and not spots–with no animal cruelty involved. As for Rumple and Belle, I’d be more excited to see them find their way back to one another if their relationship wasn’t full of lies and deceit. I am curious to see Belle’s character development since sending Rumple over the town line.

Swan Queen

I can’t wait to see what this is all about.

Once Upon a Time has had its ups and downs throughout the years–and 4A was hit-or-miss. It had amazing episodes with the Snow Queen, and our glimpses into Emma’s past were worth the torture of watching Robin Hood and Regina sneaking around. Almost. It’s still anyone’s guess if Robin will try to make his way back to Storybrooke, and we’ve been getting hints he’s not even actually Robin at all. Well, then–that’s interesting. I’m curious to see what this will do to Regina’s supposed soulmate arc with Robin.

We had a bit of SwanQueen queerbaiting over the Valentine’s day holiday, with Emma and Regina facing down what appears to be the main villian of Fantasiacomplete with a love song as its backdrop. I’m torn on wanting to be happy that SwanQueen fans were even considered among the montage of cisgender, heterosexual couples, and being annoyed that the queerbaiting continues. Mostly, I’m curious to see how Regina and Emma’s relationship continues to develop as season 4B continues. They’ve been using their magic to perform impossible feats since the series started, and if they’re on a slow-burn romance path then the A&E crew is trolling its queer fanbase like none other. I’m erring on the side of skepticism, and can’t be certain as to the ending of Once Upon a Time. While I admit to wanting to see SwanQueen happen in the end, I’ve gotten used to seeing cisgender, heterosexual couples get their happy ending as opposed to queer characters getting one. If Emma and Hook, or even Regina and Robin were well-developed relationships, I might be able to see it. Hopefully, if the writing team wants people to believe in that–they’ll give fans some meat to those storylines, and show us why these strong women fell in love with these very problematic men. Abusers and cheaters don’t tend to make for lasting bedfellows, that’s for certain.

More than anything, I’m looking forward to seeing what sort of ending we’ve got for us with the author of the book, Merlin, Fantasia, and of course–Rumple’s dealings with the Queens of Darkness. Relationships aside, magic is the heart of Once Upon a Time, and I hope that the Charmings, Emma, Regina, and Henry can bring that back to the show in Season 4B.


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