Nickelodeon's Late to the Party with their Top Five #Korrasami Moments

Since The Legend of Korra has come to an end, it’s been very interesting to see how Nickelodeon has handled Korrasami becoming canon. Even moreso after Bryke took to social media to proclaim loudly that Korra and Asami fell in love, are dating, and silenced any potential naysayers that kept saying they, “Left the ending open.” I applaud Bryke for doing this, as in most television shows there are always people attempting to get canon queer representation sidelined by saying, “It wasn’t confirmed.” or, “It could go either way.” or, “It’s open to interpretation!” the list goes on and on. If you’ve watched television with queer characters on it that haven’t been confirmed as canon, chances are you’ve heard any number of these from mostly homophobic fans. What Bryke did, effectively, was stop that in its tracks by telling people that wasn’t going to fly, specifically that they just might have been watching Legend of Korra through a hetero-centric lens if they thought that Korra and Asami had, “No development.”

Korra, Asami, Korrasami

That looks like development to me.

What this has to do with Nickelodeon is that they’ve slowly been showing some support of Korrasami. This started with a few tweets, and has even escalated to an outright montage of Nick’s ‘Top Five Korrasami Moments’ Nick showed so little support for Legend of Korra while it was on the air that nearly every mainstream site noticed. They took it off the air for quite some time, moving the show to online-only viewings. When they realized that pulling Korra to strictly streaming was a terrible idea, it was much too late. Nick has been anything but helpful to Korra while it was on the air, and its marketing has been abysmal.

Now that Nick has seen how much attention the show is getting due in part to Korrasami becoming canon and more people taking notice of the show, they’ve slowly come aboard with advertising and video spots showcasing Korra and Asami romantically. While I can understand it, it would have been much nicer to see Nick supporting Korra from the start, as a brown female protagonist that deals with PTSD, growing up, and finding her own path in the world. To have Nick consistently supporting Korra rather than slashing its budget, ruining its timeslot, and then only noticing the show when its Korrasami supporters stand up and take notice of the beautiful work its creative team has put together is lacking. Nick should have been there all along, rather than barging in at the last minute as though it is late to the party and brought a jello mold to the proverbial potluck.

Spirit world vacation!

Spirit world vacation!

Nick showing support for Korrasami is great in some respects. There’s no denying that their social media reach is huge. Representation matters, and for more young LGBTQIA kids, to see Nick talking about Korrasami is a very big deal. These kids are going to grow up seeing canon queer representation, and that’s something that even after-the-fact marketing campaigns won’t be able to take from them. If you’d like to watch Nickelodeon’s Top 5 Korrasami moments, you can do so by clicking here. For me, the best Korrasami moment would have to be the scene where Asami brought Korra tea. Perfect in its simplicity, but no less intimate. Which of Korra and Asami’s interactions in the series tops your Korrasami list?

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