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Nickelodeon's Late to the Party with their Top Five #Korrasami Moments

Since The Legend of Korra has come to an end, it’s been very interesting to see how Nickelodeon has handled Korrasami becoming canon. Even moreso after Bryke took to social media to proclaim loudly that Korra and Asami fell in love, are dating, and silenced any potential naysayers that kept saying they, “Left the ending […]



Once Upon a Time: #SaviorQueen's Homophobic Undertones

Everyone’s had a ship that they call a, ‘BroTP’ What that is, is basically a way to say, “These characters are cool/best friends/I like when they interact, but not romantically!” If you’ve never shipped characters, you might consider this to be something that doesn’t warrant attention. The problem with that is that shipping, or participating […]






Crowd-Funded Sci-Fi Comedy "Lazer Team" Gets Its First Trailer

The guys at Rooster Teeth (Red vs Blue; RWBY) have successfully crowd-funded their upcoming sci-fi comedy “Lazer Team” quite a while ago, and we now finally have the first official trailer, and it looks AMAZING!! Check it out below and enjoy!! Subscribe to Updates from Geekly by Email Buy a geek shirt at / LIKE us on–> […]